Little Blessings Preschool is committed to providing each student with an
outstanding early learning experience in a loving Christian environment.
The goals of this preschool are to teach the necessary academic
and social requirements for kindergarten along with
introducing or enhancing their knowledge of Christ.

Please contact the church office for more info.

School Day Options:

Morning Class:

M,W,F (pre-k)

T,Th (3 - 4)

* Monday through Friday
classes are available

9:30 -1:30

9:30 -1:30
Preschool Teachers:

Dawn Nichols

Karen Reeder

Michelle Goodman

Renee Johnson


Tuition Cost:



M - F
$120 monthly

$80 monthly

$200 monthly

*Parent volunteer
discount available

Registration Fee:

$35 registration fee for
first year preschoolers

$20 registration fee for
returning preschoolers

Little Blessings Preschool

is located in the
Kid Connections area of
Porterfield Baptist Church
39 Hollywood Dr.
Little Hocking, OH 45742
(Click here for a Location Map)

Call the church office for more information:
(740) 423-8442
Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
or email at:

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